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"Without Her" is the follow-up single to Curtis J’s debut 7-inch vinyl "Expectations." The New York based musician recorded this track with his group the Curtis J Social at The Creamery Studio in Brooklyn, NY via label Amerigo Recordings. It is the latest of many releases planned for 2021.

"Expectations," Curtis J's debut vinyl, was released in 2018 and included the singles "Alone & Mistaken" and "Reverb." PopMatters says..."The record feels like the amorous blues that Curtis J has had culminating within him from the first moment he hit the stage. Curtis J's newest release may set him on the map, but Curtis J isn't one to forget where he comes from."

"ALONE & MISTAKEN" exudes a moody mix of self-awareness and hopelessness, bringing the narrator face to face with his loneliness unresolved trajectory.

"REVERB" is a cautionary tale of predator and prey, which is only the more apropos in the current political climate of the United States. 

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The Curtis J Social jan 2018 photo by Mi
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