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Curtis J is an American musician, songwriter, and producer who straddles the line of melancholic balladeer and raucous showman. He initially garnered acclaim as the fiery guitarist in the band Kentucky Knife Fight before migrating to New York City to form his own group. After successful US and European tours with the likes of Black Keys, Jason Isbell, Old 97's, and the Drive-By Truckers, he developed and grew into a polished solo performer á la "Live at Sin-é" era Jeff Buckley & dynamic band leader akin to My Morning Jacket’s Jim James.

PopMatters says “The consummate rocker is more confident with his delivery than ever with his new solo project, and that swagger emanates.” His newest release “The Singles: 2018-23” tracks his explosive development through his early New York years. The arrangements are conscious odes to the independent radio format: one song exuding the primal rock n' roll of rebellious youth & the next delivering the warmth of timeless groove-based American music.

With allusions to Harry Nilsson, St. Vincent, and Tom Waits, Curtis J is a student of songwriters poised to become an instructor. His music emotes literate and introspective lyrics while tolling the lines between folk, indie rock and groove. Leaning more Byrne than Dylan, more Bowie than Prince, his songs mix the emotionality of confessional songwriting with enough rock n roll bravado to keep you guessing what he's been listening to.


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